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Content Targeting - Getting the Right Message to the Right Audience

Rohit Shinde
9 Months Ago

Content targeting is not just a buzzword anymore. It has become the go-to strategy for survival in today’s overcrowded digital space. In the past few years, content targeting has grown to become one of the most powerful tools available for doing business and connecting with targeted customers through the Internet. 

So what is content targeting? In layman terms, content targeting is finding the best way to get the desired content within eyeball range of the desired audience. It is advertising on a website that is targeted to be relevant to the page’s content. Automated systems display ads related to the content that the users of the website check. The most famous example of content targeting is Google AdSense. Google robots serve ads relevant to site users. The ads are selected from the inventory of advertisers, who registered through AdWords. Another example of content targeting is car dealers serving their ads on automobile forums and review websites offering automotive information like

Content targeting helps you make a personal connection between you and your customers and build a valuable long-term relationship with them. Content targeting will not only lower your advertising costs while increasing your ROI (return on investment), it will also turns shoppers into buyers without the hard sell.

What features should you look for in content targeting solutions?

  • Tagging content is one of the foundation features of content targeting. Tagging content can be implemented by using tags and tracking their performance. This simple act of using tags is often enough to get content creators & marketers a seat at the big table. The practice of tagging content can be strategically used to intelligently deliver content to the customers in the B2C and B2B marketing spaces to meet their unique needs and interests.

    In many situations, prospective clients are unaware about your product or services. They do not know to search for you and therefore you will not be able to reach them on a search triggered advertisement. Content targeting can be used to overcome this problem. By understanding how to target content to what your audience cares about, you will gain more trust and clients. Over time your firm will become known for owning these issues and will be the go to source for information.
  • Content personalization is another content targeting strategy that relies on visitor data to deliver relevant content based on audience interests and motivations. It is a user experience shortcut that connects your audience with the information it needs more quickly, enhancing the chance of converting the lead. According to one study, 68% of marketers say personalization based on behavioral data has a high impact on ROI, and 74% say it has a high impact on engagement.


So how do you implement these content targeting solutions?

First things first – you will have to choose the right set of content targeting features and practices that suit your needs and will generate the desired result for you. Your choice should be based on volume, targeting levels and other factors. Picking the right features that will give you exactly what you need to reach your desired audience is critical to keeping your cost-per-lead optimized. 

Next you need software software that contains this type of funtionality. Many software solutions are available to help you produce powerful content targeting programs. There are many content targeting software solutions for small and large budgets. The list of content target software available may seem daunting, reviewing their features can help you develop your content strategy. Cost for each of this solution varies based on volume, targeting level, and other factors. Picking the right tool that will give you exactly what you need—but no more—to reach your desired audience is critical to keeping your cost-per-lead optimized. How do you pick one? You work with a firm that has a credible amount of content targeting expertise and experience.

So whether you are growing a blog or a fast growing sales business, content targeting with strategic tactics can improve your marketing impact and ROI. Contact Dunn Solutions to find out how to implement content targteting into your organization.

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