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Launch Your Commerce Site on SAP Spartacus!

Why You Should Go Headless with Your SAP Commerce Cloud Storefront.

Mallorie De Riggi
3 Months Ago


Taking a modern, headless approach to your commerce storefront is a trend that is only going to grow as more businesses see its benefits. The benefits are obvious; by decoupling your commerce site’s frontend from its backend processes, you gain significant flexibility to create a highly customizable omni-channel commerce experience for your customers.

Spartacus as SAP’s Headless Storefront Option

Recently SAP released Spartacus as its headless storefront option for SAP Commerce Cloud customers. As more commerce storefronts go headless, Spartacus is a perfect option for new and existing SAP Commerce Cloud customers who want to improve and upgrade their storefront’s user experience with greater scalability and flexibility.

Spartacus is an open source Angular-based Javascript storefront application designed for SAP Commerce Cloud that decouples from the platform’s backend and connects through REST APIs. With Spartacus’ decoupled architecture, your front-end developers no longer need to understand the platform’s backend technology. This enables them to build a customizable front-end user experience faster with greater simplicity and scalability.

Spartacus also allows you to build your storefront without using the B2B or B2C Accelerators that come with SAP Commerce Cloud. The built-in accelerators offer many benefits; however, they are not easily upgradable. That’s one the benefits of SAP Spartacus.

Benefits of Using Spartacus

Some other Spartacus benefits that are worth considering when deciding whether to go headless with your SAP Commerce storefront include:

  • Spartacus’ library includes core storefront features as Home Page, Search, Categories, Product Details, Adding to Cart, Cart Page, Checkout and Order History.
  • Spartacus is responsive and includes support for mobile, tablet, desktop, and wide-desktop breakpoints.
  • Commerce Cloud’s CMS tool, SmartEdit is fully supported and combined with Spartacus. This enables content managers to easily modify and update content that is relevant and personalized to its customers.
  • Multiple storefronts can be built independently and with ease through Spartacus on the Commerce Cloud platform
  • Extensible server-side rendering enables web crawlers to index content without affecting user experience.
  • With Spartacus, you can use SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factor and scalable-microservices to quickly build and deploy new functionalities to your storefront.

Dunn Solutions has significant SAP Commerce Cloud and headless commerce experience and as a Platinum SAP Partner, is an ideal fit to support your upcoming headless commerce project.  We would be excited to review your commerce objectives and discuss the benefits of building your site with SAP Spartacus. Contact us to discuss your commerce project with us today!


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