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SAP Marketing Cloud…What Can It Do for You?

Matthew Tarpy
4 Months Ago

A core challenge for online marketers is being able to present to their customers, the most relevant offer, at the right time, in the right channel. Presenting your customers with poorly matched offers, not only is a waste of your marketing spend, it can lead to customer fatigue where they tune out your messages all together.

SAP Marketing Cloud helps you not only glean real-time insights into every stage of your offer lifecycles, but it allows you unprecedented control over when, how, and what offer is presented to your potential customers.

The core of SAP Marketing Cloud is the “dynamic customer profile” which when paired with its full-featured segmentation engine allows you to tailor your message down to the smallest of segments you desire. The intuitive graphical segmentation builder allows you to immediately see what each target segment will look like. The segmentation model can utilize any and all data points you capture in the profile model, including custom attributes to your particular industry or organization.

SAP Marketing Cloud, a full cloud-based solution, can start driving value within hours, and as you bring further data sources online, you can increase the complexity of your customer model, as well as the customer segmentation you wish to utilize in campaign management.

SAP Marketing Cloud has a rich integration with email service providers to help track campaign metrics from deliverability through to offer redemption. The 360-degree customer view that SAP Marketing Cloud offers allows you to see exactly how your customers are interacting with you; what campaigns and offers are driving the most value, and which ones should be retooled or retired.

SAP Marketing Cloud also helps drive savings in the back-office. Build upon SAP’s industry leading S/4 HANA Cloud infrastructure; SAP Marketing Cloud utilizes the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication framework to manage not only your employee’s roles, but brings state-of-the-art security so your marketing data stays and remains secure. A variety of different marketing systems can be consolidated within SAP Marketing Cloud which allows your marketing feeds to be managed from one application, without the need to access infrastructure. As a cloud-based service, with SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP manages the upgrade cycle directly for customers, which means that you will always be on the latest quarterly release. This allows you to constantly and automatically enrich your customer data, constantly driving new insights about how your customer base is choosing to interact with you.

As you can see, SAP Marketing Cloud has much to offer to today’s online marketer! Interested in learning how it can be tailored to your needs? As a certified SAP Marketing Cloud partner, Dunn Solutions’ Marketing Automation Team can offer you best practices as well as strategic assistance on the best ways to leverage SAP Marketing Cloud to your advantage.  With SAP Marketing Cloud, Dunn Solutions’ Marketing Automation Team can help you drive increased sales, loyalty, and give you better control of your marketing spend.

Contact Dunn Solutions today to arrange a consultation with one of Dunn Solutions’ SAP Marketing Cloud experts!