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Easy eCommmerce with Broadleaf

Christopher Capps
8 Months Ago

I used to think that maintaining a good online store presence would be a difficult task. There has to be management of inventory, content, sales, customer data, transactions, and the list goes on! It can become overwhelming. With that said, Broadleaf Commerce makes this a piece of cake (and the cake is delicious). Let’s dive on in!

Broadleaf Demo Site


Product Management

The catalog of a store is always evolving. Products come and go. It is essential that product management is easy, but also offers flexibility when you need it. Broadleaf is the answer! Within the product page itself we can easily set the retail and sale pricing, a date range can be used to control when the product is available, images can be uploaded to be used as primary and alternate media, SKUs can be created and managed, inventory can be set, and shipping information can be given.

Product Page



The feature that really makes Broadleaf a powerful, yet simple, tool to me is how it handles the creation of offers. An offer in Broadleaf is a way to give discounts for customers to redeem at checkout. The discount can be in three types: Amount off, Fixed Price, and Percent Off.

Offer Amount for 20% Off

Just as easy to set the discount type and amount, you can easily set the activity range. Not only can you set the date ranges of when the offer is valid, but you can also create more complex conditions thanks to the built in rules engine. For instance we can easily set an offer to be available only in the month of October and on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Offer Available Only on Monday and Wednesday in October

This powerful rules engine is not just for the activity range. It is also useful when creating qualification criteria. An offer can target specific customers, locale, currency, orders, and/or items! These can be used in combinations with each other to create offers available for very specific or broad cases. 

Just Scratching the Surface

Broadleaf is an extremely powerful eCommerce solution. It is easy to setup and manage. It takes the trouble out of having an online store presence. It is important to remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a lot more to cover. No single blog post can effectively go into all of the features Broadleaf provides. Please look forward to future posts covering more Broadleaf Commerce!


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