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Marketing Automation Platform – Included!

The Importance of a Great Technology Platform

Bill Dunn
1 Month Ago

Dunn Solutions provides a full range of marketing automation and support services ranging from building customer segments and churn models to operational support for email campaigns and UI/UX. But what if you don’t currently have a robust marketing automation platform? All of our great services won’t produce a dollar of revenue unless we can build on a great technology platform. 

The Difference Between "Included" and "Free"

So – what if the marketing automation platform was “included”? Please notice I used the word “included” instead of “free”. To understand why requires a short digression to a story about a trip my family and I took to Switzerland. 


During our visit to Interlaken, a beautiful tourist town located in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region, we checked into a locally owned hotel. As I filled out all the forms, my daughter asked me if there was wi-fi in the room. Having booked the trip, I knew the rooms had wi-fi and replied back – “Sure, its free!”.  The innkeeper gave me a stern look and proceeded to correct me. “Sir”, he said, “the internet is not free, it is included as part of the cost of the room. Your daughter needs to understand that.” I am not sure the subtle difference was absolutely necessary for my 10 year to understand, but I am guessing the Swiss want their kids to know that nothing is “free”. 


Partnering with Dunn Solutions

Which brings me back to our offer: we will include the use of our exceptional and robust marketing platform, when you decide to partner with us to execute your email marketing campaigns. Dunn Solutions has the team ready to analyze your customer base, come up with the promotional pricing which will give you the highest margin, turn your brand and content into beautiful responsive email templates, and execute the whole campaign on our full featured marketing automation platform. 


When you partner with us you get more than just email blasts. Dunn Solutions will integrate information gathered from each of your customer’s touchpoints. That information will be used to dynamically add customers and prospects into campaigns targeted specifically for their segment. The result is less opt-outs, higher click-throughs, and more conversions – all on a platform that’s included. 


Contact Dunn Solutions today to take advantage of our marketing automation offer!


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