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Top Four Ways of Attracting and Retaining Website Visitors


Laura Jones
1 Month Ago

As the nature of technology is anything but static, website technology has grown so much in recent years that a website built even 5 years ago is obsolete today. That means your site may be missing key features that could be costing your company visibility and opportunities. Let’s explore some of the key ways you could increase your websites visibility, productivity and ability to make authentic connections with your customers, partners and employees.


Do You Have a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly, Website?

The rapid emergence of the mobile web has created an increasing need for an online presence with cross device compatibility. Tablets and smartphones are playing a larger and larger role in the customer journey – from information gathering and purchases to post-sale reviews. Mobile Internet usage actually surpassed desktop internet use in 2015.  Google has rolled out a series of major changes to its ranking algorithm that all favor mobile-friendly websites in search results. If your site isn’t cross device compatible, you’re almost certainly losing valuable organic search leads and definitely missing out on mobile traffic. Websites should be built with content, layouts, and user interfaces that work responsively out of the box.

Your website should have cross device compatible mobile responsive design


Is Your Website Organized Around a Content Strategy?

Have you taken the time to ensure that you’re creating the right content and crafting the right messages to target your customers? Instead of struggling to connect and create online conversations with poorly-defined groups of prospects, you could be tailoring specific content for specific customer segments based on information such as age and gender, visitor behavior, social media activity and more. Marketers can also create targeted campaigns, track user actions and generate reports on the effectiveness of the campaigns.

The wrong content strategy can negatively impact your search rankings and your conversion rates


Is Your Website Leveraging Social Collaboration Tools?

According to a survey by Microsoft, 46% of workers say their productivity has improved due to social collaboration tools. An additional 37% wish their organization would embrace social tools in the workplace in order to increase productivity. Do your users have the ability to connect and collaborate? Add a social dimension to your website to help people get work done. With access to integrated features like Blogs, Knowledge Base and Wikis, users can easily gather and share information. Help visitors find and connect with experts, colleagues and collaborators by using Live Chat, Sharable Calendars and Message Boards.

Utilizing Social Collaboration Tools will make your organization more efficient


Does Your Website Make Access Easy with a Single Sign-On Solution?

Do you force customers to create and maintain a unique login and password for your site when you could be offering them a Single Sign-On (SSO) option instead? Using an SSO can reduce exit rates and enhance the user experience by making the login process quick and simple. It allows users to utilize existing logins, such as the one they use for Facebook or Google, as the login for your site. SSO saves users from having to memorize a long list of passwords, helps to reduce Help Desk calls for password resets and increases conversions due to ease of use. In fact, 86% of users balked at having to create a new account for each website they visit and 77% of respondents were firm believers that sites should offer a social login option. 

Using a Single (SSO) or Social Sign-on Solution can boost your website’s CRO


These are just a few of the conversion rate optimizing attributes always on consumers are increasingly expecting to find on the websites they visit. With responsive design, an audience tailored content strategy and usability optimized interfaces, your website could be more engaging, search friendly and conversion ready. 

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