Collaboration Portal Development

Dunn Solutions' collaboration portals are designed to centralize a company's project teams and allow for more effective communication and knowledge sharing. Our collaboration portals allow for the creation of individual project workspaces, configured access levels, control views and contribution capabilities. Dunn Solutions' collaboration portal experts use cutting edge business tools like mobile app integration, social networking and virtual communities

Collaboration Portal Development Services

Our custom developed portals provide the tools businesses need to become more innovative and efficient. Dunn Solutions helps companies develop portals that support the collaboration process with features that include:

  • White boards
  • Knowledge sharing libraries
  • Wikis Forums
  • Team/Project based sub-sites
  • Internal social network
  • Customized workflows

Our portal experts help companies devise portal strategies that optimize their collaboration process among its project teams. We provide guidance on roadmap and design, architecture, user experience, content management, workflows, configurations and customizations that deliver the highest level of process efficiency and end user satisfaction. For more information, please contact us today!

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Team Collaboration

Dunn Solutions' collaboration portals allow individuals to create their own communities which empower teams to create a web area and assign a set of collaborative tools (blog, wiki, calendar, tasks, alerts, doc sharing, etc.) to the group. An individual can create or join one or more communities and organize all collaboration within that community.

Learn more how your project teams can benefit from using a collaboration portal by contacting Dunn Solutions today!

Organizational Collaboration

Dunn Solutions' collaboration portals are also capable of supporting an entire enterprise for collaboration. As various collaboration tools are implemented, they can be made available to teams through the portal's modular design capability (i.e., add an additional portlet to the system and make available to community owners). As teams collaborate, they input a wide range of resources that can be leveraged by other teams throughout the enterprise.

Learn more about the benefits of developing a collaboration portal that can be used by your entire organization by contacting Dunn Solutions today!

Social Collaboration

Although teams can be formed by formal organizational roles, they can also be formed by informal roles. Collaboration portals enable these teams to join together. For example, a team of experts in various areas of a company can "friend" each other and track various projects they are working on individually. Furthermore, they can come together and form their own ad hoc community for a specific project. Social features such as social equity, rating, friending, presence, internal messaging, and friend activity walls allow these informal teams to easily collaborate.

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