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Be an Innovator: E-Commerce in the B2B Food Industry

Anisa Samarxhiu
1 Month Ago

We have seen over the last decade, giants like Amazon and eBay have set the standard for shopping for generations to come.  While companies in the retail space have successfully been early adapters of e-commerce, the B2B food industry has not yet made a concerted effort to do the same. Many within the B2B food industry are at risk of falling behind if this does not change.  Why not become a company that bucks this trend?  We're here to make a call to all B2B food companies to be the innovators in your industry!

Set the standard for your industry

One of the great things about being at the forefront of technology and industry innovation is that you get to set the standard for everyone else and become the example of what to do. Many B2B food companies are still very much about the person to person interaction and working with physical product catalogs. And while nothing will replace the effectiveness of human contact, that business model will only go so far.

The risk for the B2B food industry of being left behind or jumping on the bandwagon too late is real. Investing early in technology is the next best step to mitigate this risk. While everyone else is trying to play catch up, you’re already moving on to continuously innovating and improving the technology that you’ve already adopted.

Costs are rising, margins are narrowing

As we stated earlier, sales are still mostly conducted through a person to person relationship. Unfortunately, no matter how hard someone works, one person cannot reach the same audience that an E-Commerce platform would. The costs to keep business as-is are rising, and the margins are narrowing.

We envision a plan where B2B food companies can use an E-Commerce platform to service more clients easily and directly, and even be able to gain more insight into what their clients need. With a user login, E-Commerce platforms can support needs such as customer pricing and housing product specification documents.

Support sales and marketing

Besides being able to reach more potential customers, an E-Commerce platform is the best form of marketing that a company can have at their disposal. Marketing and advertising has pivoted quite heavily towards digital marketing and advertising. Even if you have the software in place, why take the customer to a website that simply tells them about your company when you can link them back to an online marketplace where they can start shopping right away?

Shoppers can log in 24/7 to shop for your products and simple tools like scheduled quick order are very effective ways to drive up sales with very little human effort.

Contact Dunn Solutions for our B2B Food E-Commerce Assessment Workshop to see what you can do be an innovator in your industry!


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