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Marketing Automation + E-Commerce = Success

Bill Dunn
Posted 12/28/20
Once the decision is made to implement an e-commerce site the priorities of most organizations focus on two areas: branding and operations. Marketing managers and product line managers spend a lot of time and energy on the colors, fonts, images, navigation and overall user experience. E-Commerce managers and Operations managers worry about inventory, fulfillment, payment integration, and...

Picking the Right Commerce Platform

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 11/9/20
The complexity involved in implementing a commerce platform should never be underestimated. Before taking on a new e-commerce project, here is a list of suggested questions for your organization to consider which will help you develop the business case for your e-commerce project. You also might want to take it one level deeper with an ROI analysis (which will not be covered...

Picking the Right Partner for Commerce Implementation

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 10/23/20
The complexity  of implementing  the commerce strategy should not be underestimated. We need to  define an organization’s vision clearly ,  and who  will be involved  and when  for a successful outcome.   Given the amount of time and money an organization will be investing, it is  crucial  to...

Be an Innovator: E-Commerce in the B2B Food Industry

Anisa Samarxhiu
Posted 11/30/18
We have seen over the last decade, giants like Amazon and eBay have set the standard for shopping for generations to come.  While companies in the retail space have successfully been early adapters of e-commerce, the B2B food industry has not yet made a concerted effort to do the same. Many within the B2B food industry are at risk of falling behind if this does not change. ...

Leveraging your e-commerce platform for subscriber acquisition

Chinye Amanda Osamusali
Posted 8/23/17
Your company’s ability to grow your email list with valuable contacts will provide the foundation for all of your email marketing efforts. Many marketers struggle to determine the best way to get new email subscribers. Subscriber acquisition should be the number one priority of a strong email marketing strategy. By communicating the right way with your customers, your subscriber acquisition...
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