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Why Web Portals Make Sense for Your Marketing Team

Steve Nagle
Posted 8/7/17
Marketing teams and structures come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a one-person operation or a multi-faceted department consisting of several teams, modern organizations face a similar challenge in this arena: delivering desirable content to consumers. If a company wants to publish a blog, upload new product images, or debut it’s latest press release, it often involves...

Quick Overview of Liferay Fundamentals

Payas Tikotekar
Posted 10/6/15
Liferay portal is software platform for building web application and websites which consists of A Web platform – to build websites / applications, An Enterprise CMS – to update content and set workflows, An Integration Platform – to combine various applications into a single unified user experience A Collaboration Platform – to allow teams and organizations to work together ...

Liferay Audience Targeting

Iat Ieong
Posted 1/2/15
Introduction Audience targeting is a marketing strategy at which a particular product or message is targeted to a particular group of audience. This strategy improves marketing effectiveness as the target audience will only see information that is most relevant to them. In Liferay, you can probably target your audience by carefully granting view permission to content or pages....

Liferay 6.2 New Features: In-Place Blog Editing, Recycle Bin and Document Management

Posted 1/15/14
Liferay 6.2, the latest release, is already making history with over 60,000+ downloads worldwide. The reason for its popularity is the big leap taken by Liferay in terms of UI and other exciting features. In earlier posts we have discussed major features like UI enhancements and Site Hierarchies; in this post we will discuss additional features which are not complex, but interesting, and...

Liferay Hook Customization - Startup Action vs Hot Deploy Listener

Posted 3/25/14
The power of Liferay Portal as a development platform lies in its customizability. That is, you, as a developer, are able to make changes to the Liferay source code directly, through a number of different methods, providing for a number of technology and business benefits. Unsurprisingly, this power comes with a high risk. If you do not make changes the "proper" way, you may introduce defects...
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