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Should I Outsource My E-mail Marketing Operations?

Bill Dunn
Posted 2/4/21
As marketing professionals, we all have a desire to make sure every component of our vision is executed correctly. This means customer journey definition, messaging at each step, branding, visual execution, text/content creation, and the right triggers (page views, abandoned cart, propensity score, etc.).  As marketing software (automation) and delivery choices (social media, email, SMS,...

Personalized Messaging Generates More Sales

Bill Rush
Posted 1/28/21
The Challenging Expectations of the Modern Consumer In today’s digital landscape, one of the first things that marketers will stress is the importance of delivering a more personalized experience to customers. This isn’t a goal aimed solely at increasing conversions; it’s also just as much about the growing expectations of a modern costumer. It was only five years ago people were awed...

Make Dunn Solutions Your Marketing Automation Partner

Bill Dunn
Posted 12/28/20
At Dunn Solutions we are often developing new e-commerce sites and also integrating marketing automation and data analytics into a complete customer focused solution for our clients. Working on these projects gives us an up-close view of the reality of how marketing teams and e-commerce teams use and leverage the technology they recently implemented. We often see a disconnect between the...

Marketing Automation + E-Commerce = Success

Bill Dunn
Posted 12/28/20
Once the decision is made to implement an e-commerce site the priorities of most organizations focus on two areas: branding and operations. Marketing managers and product line managers spend a lot of time and energy on the colors, fonts, images, navigation and overall user experience. E-Commerce managers and Operations managers worry about inventory, fulfillment, payment integration, and...

Is Your E-Commerce Site Your Most Important Channel?

Swaroop Krishnan
Posted 11/11/20
If the answer is yes, what other digital marketing channels are you using to effectively support your e-commerce site? In today’s era of doing business, your online presence plays a major role in driving sales. Your online presence not only involves having a good e-commerce platform that integrates well with your backend systems like ERP, CRM but also using other digital channels to...
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