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Launch Your Commerce Site on SAP Spartacus!

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 9/8/20
Why You Should Go Headless with Your SAP Commerce Cloud Storefront. Taking a modern, headless approach to your commerce storefront is a trend that is only going to grow as more businesses see its benefits. The benefits are obvious; by decoupling your commerce site’s frontend from its backend processes, you gain significant flexibility to create a highly customizable omni-channel commerce...

You Shouldn’t Call SAP Marketing Cloud a “Marketing Automation” Tool

Bill Dunn
Posted 10/24/18
SAP’s core  customer engagement platform ,  Commerce Cloud , has had a powerful cousin for a few years now,  SAP Marketing Cloud , but most B2B e-commerce professionals have the mistaken impression that it’s just another email blasting tool.  Nothing could be further from the truth and if you don’t take a deeper dive into this powerful platform you will miss the highest ROI...