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Integrating Testing Frameworks with Selenium WebDriver

Posted 9/2/14
Since Selenium WebDriver is widely used in Automation, it became important for the Selenium WebDriver to be used in a more productive way. There are Frameworks available that can be used along with the WebDriver like JUnit, TestNG, which organizes the Test scripts in a better way. Junit JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. JUnit has been important...

Testing Web Applications with Selenium Grid

Posted 5/29/14
Selenium has greatly evolved with time, especially since the 2.0 release when the legacy Selenium project merged with Google’s WebDriver. Nowadays, Selenium offers a wide range of programming languages supported to write the tests, an impressive browser compatibility list, the ability to record tests from user interactions and, above all in my opinion, the ability to re-execute tests across a...

A Look at Selenium Webdriver

Posted 7/9/14
Webdriver is a platform and language-neutral interface that allows you to program or script, and control the behavior of a web browser. The WebDriver API is primarily intended to allow developers to write tests that automate a browser from a separate controlling process, but may also be implemented in such a way as to allow in-browser scripts to control a possibly separate browser. ...

Installation and Configuration of Selenium Webdriver

Posted 8/21/14
We previously looked at Selenium Webdriver's features and advantages, and how to integrate it with Jmeter.  In this post we'll explore installation and configuation.  Selenium Webdriver Scripts can be generated in various programming languages depending upon the Requirements and skills.  Here, Java is used to generate the Webdriver scripts in Eclipse. Steps to configure...

Book Review : Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide

Li An Kwan
Posted 3/18/14
One of the biggest challenges in working with open source software is finding good documentation on their usage and functionalities.  Selenium, unfortunately, is not exempt from lacking high quality resources.  It is true that everything can be found on the Internet, but it is also true that not everything on the Internet is of good, accurate quality.  A simple glance at...
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