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Launch Your Commerce Site on SAP Spartacus!

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 9/8/20
Why You Should Go Headless with Your SAP Commerce Cloud Storefront. Taking a modern, headless approach to your commerce storefront is a trend that is only going to grow as more businesses see its benefits. The benefits are obvious; by decoupling your commerce site’s frontend from its backend processes, you gain significant flexibility to create a highly customizable omni-channel commerce...

How Patient Portals Improve Patient Engagement

Taylor Hammond
Posted 10/31/19
Since their inception, patient portals have become increasingly user friendly and have greatly improved visibility and communication between patients and healthcare / service providers. Today, patients can reach out to their medical providers and support staff online to request and schedule appointments, check in on lab results, refill prescriptions, ask non-emergent health questions and the...

SAP Marketing Cloud…What Can It Do for You?

Matthew Tarpy
Posted 10/14/19
A core challenge for online marketers is being able to present to their customers, the most relevant offer, at the right time, in the right channel. Presenting your customers with poorly matched offers, not only is a waste of your marketing spend, it can lead to customer fatigue where they tune out your messages all together. SAP Marketing Cloud helps you not only glean real-time insights...

B2B Ecommerce using BigCommerce – Transition your store to a leading e-commerce platform in 90 days!

Swaroop Krishnan
Posted 1/28/19
BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that uses latest technologies to deliver a modern looking and robust e-commerce website. The platform has all of the basic e-commerce features built-in, which means more time can be spent on marketing strategy than on actual development of features. The BigCommerce platform also supports some advanced e-commerce features such as: Cart...

Marketing Automation Trends for 2019

Anisa Samarxhiu
Posted 12/20/18
Whether you are engaged in marketing on a day-to-day level or just have a passing interest, you know that marketing automation is not going anywhere. With people being inundated with marketing of one kind or another all the time, we want to show you the trends we see for 2019. 1. AI will continue to rise Whether it is using Chatbots or product recommendation engines, artificial...