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Make Dunn Solutions Your Marketing Automation Partner

Bill Dunn
Posted 12/28/20
At Dunn Solutions we are often developing new e-commerce sites and also integrating marketing automation and data analytics into a complete customer focused solution for our clients. Working on these projects gives us an up-close view of the reality of how marketing teams and e-commerce teams use and leverage the technology they recently implemented. We often see a disconnect between the...

Marketing Automation + E-Commerce = Success

Bill Dunn
Posted 12/28/20
Once the decision is made to implement an e-commerce site the priorities of most organizations focus on two areas: branding and operations. Marketing managers and product line managers spend a lot of time and energy on the colors, fonts, images, navigation and overall user experience. E-Commerce managers and Operations managers worry about inventory, fulfillment, payment integration, and...

Is Your E-Commerce Site Your Most Important Channel?

Swaroop Krishnan
Posted 11/11/20
If the answer is yes, what other digital marketing channels are you using to effectively support your e-commerce site? In today‚Äôs era of doing business, your online presence plays a major role in driving sales. Your online presence not only involves having a good e-commerce platform that integrates well with your backend systems like ERP, CRM but also using other digital channels to...

Picking the Right Commerce Platform

Mallorie De Riggi
Posted 11/9/20
The complexity involved in implementing a commerce platform should never be underestimated. Before taking on a new e-commerce project, here is a list of suggested questions for your organization to consider which will help you develop the business case for your e-commerce project. You also might want to take it one level deeper with an ROI analysis (which will not be covered...

Liferay and Enterprise Identity Management

Kan Zhang
Posted 11/3/20
In today's world, the highly digital and dynamic business environment has increased the demand for enterprise identity management and system integration than ever. Many organizations are using their systems in a remote-work ecosystem for the first time. Social distancing efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have driven shoppers online in record-breaking numbers, accelerating the business's...