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Moving from a Brick and Mortar Store to an e-Commerce Platform

Anisa Samarxhiu
Posted 2/9/18
With the advent of services like Amazon and Ebay, moving from a physical store to an e-Commerce option is becoming more and more appealing. It makes sense to make the move, the convenience factor alone is a driving force for Millennials and Generation Z. But before you start your Google search for ecommerce platforms, here are 5 things to consider to make sure that you put your best foot...

Ohio’s new web cookie tax challenged by ACMA

Meghan Souza
Posted 1/19/18
Originally posted by Avalara . The constitutionality, enforceability, and validity of  Ohio’s new reporting requirements for remote retailers , which took effect Jan. 1, 2018, are under fire. The American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) claims Ohio’s new law exceeds the limitations on state authority to regulate interstate commerce and discriminates against electronic commerce. ...

Content Targeting - Getting the Right Message to the Right Audience

Rohit Shinde
Posted 1/17/18
Content targeting is not just a buzzword anymore. It has become the go-to strategy for survival in today’s overcrowded digital space. In the past few years, content targeting has grown to become one of the most powerful tools available for doing business and connecting with targeted customers through the Internet.  So what is content targeting? In layman terms, content targeting...

4 UX Strategies to Empathize with Your e-Commerce Customers

Taylor Casino
Posted 1/8/18
Empathizing with your customers is the first step in creating a successful e-commerce user experience (UX). You acknowledge that you do not know everything about your target market and commit to understanding their wants and needs.   Empathy is about more than research though. Building empathy means putting yourself in the customers’ shoes and understanding your audiences’...

3 sales tax triggers for your growing software company

Meghan Souza
Posted 12/4/17
Software sales tax — it can be tough to wrap your head around. Even tougher once you consider this: Your sales tax obligations mirror your company. As you grow (new products, new staff, new locations), your sales tax obligations grow too.   At this very moment, your business may be engaging in activities that create nexus — the obligation to collect and remit sales tax in a state....